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Homemade meat and sausage products


The autumn and winter months are the time for our homemade meat and sausage products at Hirschenmanufaktur. Ready for indulgence?

In the autumn and winter months, it’s all about the sausage, since it’s hunting season in the forests of Upper Palatinate. That also means high season at our Hirschenmanufaktur, where we process the freshly shot game into sausage. Our butchers produce all our sausage and ham specialities with the utmost care and love and attend to each piece of meat. First, the quality of the meat is tested according to strict criteria, then the sausage-making preparations begin: Set up the mincer, prepare the sausage casings, gather the ingredients. Mixed in with the meat depending on the recipe and taste: salt, spices, water, and smoke. That’s it. No artificial additives, no flavour enhancers. The result is delicious – that’s a promise! It’s no wonder that our Hirschkönig gourmet restaurant and Wirtsstuben restaurant are considered insider picks in Parsberg, Germany. Our hotel is definitely the place to be!