Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations
Services and rates for conferences and celebrations


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Team events - experience together

Make people happy with beautiful experiences. Celebrate success, say thank you or strengthen the team. Together we plan your desired event, indoor or outdoor, active or relaxed. With us you are in the best hands! Here are a few ideas and possibilities: Vehicle building, GPS rally, team challenge, STOP Motion, ball track building, castle tour, canoe or bike tour, barister course, high ropes course, stalactite cave and much more... Feel free to contact us! Our conference team is looking forward to your call.

1st Bavarian Weißwurst Academy

In 1999, the 1st Bavarian Weisswurst Academy was established and to date there have already been countless instructive evenings with our, now senior chef and master butcher Lorenz Ferstl. As standard, this evening also includes the all-famous wedding bow tie, which he still wears today during his lectures. Is it cut or pulled, is it really eaten before twelve and what is actually allowed in it - there are numerous questions and myths surrounding the Weißwurst. After a short lecture by Mr. Lorenz Ferstl, you will fill Weißwurstbrät into casings yourself and "cook" it on an old wood-burning stove. In between, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the production, the raw materials, the Weißwurst culture, customs and traditions. For you this means: Get into your apron, get to the sausage meat and sausage! You lend a hand and only then will you receive the Weisswurst diploma at the end, not only for successfully making the sausage, but also for putting a little bit of Oberpfälzer LebensArt into practice.

up to 10 persons 625,- *
each additional person 44,90 *

* including soup in advance, lecture, Weißwurst dinner with pretzels, Oberpfälzer Zwetschgenbavesen and cheese for dessert.

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Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

DoNature - Our professional partner for events

Since the founding of the Erlebnis Akademie in 2001, you have been able to move, inspire and safely accompany more than one million guests at your seminars, events, team trainings. Thanks to permanent education and training, the Coaches, Speakers, Safety and Outdoorguides form a highly qualified, solid and unshakable basis for unforgettable experiences and successful risk management.

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

BARISTA SEMINAR in the coffee roasting plant Basilius Parsberg

Whether you are an espresso or filter coffee fan, a hobby barista or a professional - our seminar includes all the important skills for the perfect coffee at home!

In a relaxed atmosphere, we'll start with the basics of coffee - from the plant to the cup. Then it's down to the nitty-gritty, off to our two-group La Marzocco FB80 portafilter machine for the Team Battle. As part of a small competition, the aim is to see which group can conjure up the perfect espresso. This includes the selection of beans, the setting of the grind, quantity...and much more. Once that's done, it's on to the milk froth or latte art - heart vs. fern leaf! And if that wasn't enough - filter coffee! Different brewing methods, water, etc.

Seminar duration
3.0 - 4.0 hours

Course size
between 8 and 10 people

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Summer or winter barbecue

Summer, sun and beer garden OR winter, snow and cozy cottage.
Barbecue works with us at any time of the year.

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

Grill package BASIC

Delicious salad buffet, grill station with grilled specialties from the Hirschenmanufaktur fish, vegetarian dishes and a small dessert buffet. You have your own grill expert in the group? Let's go, get to the grill! Of course we will prepare everything for you.

up to 10 persons 590,-
each additional person 49,-

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

Grill package DELUXE

Delicious appetizer and salad buffet, grill station with meat and sausages from the Hirschenmanufaktur fish, vegatarian and a dessert buffet. And on top of it there is in the summer our Blobb beer (1.5 liters Blobbkrug per 3 people) and in winter there is for everyone a Haferl warming mulled wine, on request also without alcohol. We prepare everything, take care of the service and our cook grills for you.

up to 10 persons 790,-
each additional person 69,-


Created by us for all sausage lovers, with soup and small dessert.

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

The best from the butcher's pantry!

In between the menu * with homemade bread from our natural sourdough bakery. * depending on the preparation: smoked Bratwürschtl, Käsekrainer, Bratwürschtl fried or sour Bratwürschtl

up to 10 persons 290,- Euro
each additional person 24,90 Euro

Will it be cut or really eaten before 12 a.m.?

With us, you can round off your successful seminar day with a typical, Upper Palatinate evening. Learn more about the art of sausage and how the Weißwurst is celebrated in the Upper Palatinate.

A successful day comes to an end.

This success must be celebrated with a beer!

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations

Celebration beer wheelbarrow

In the Upper Palatinate we say "Schubkaan" and it is taken to the Blobb garden after work is done and filled with crushed ice and beer to start a relaxing evening.

per person 6,90 Euro

The highlight: The Hirschkönig

7-course gourmet menu at the royal table

Creative, natural, regional, genuine - that's how we cook gourmet. No frills, easy to recognize what's on the plate, no foams or dreams. No jumble of cutlery, no accumulation of glasses, no tablecloths. Concentration on what many hands have created with love and enthusiasm. The handmade tables, hand-blown glasses, wines, pressed with much dedication, and of course the food we cooked. Prepared from the best ingredients and with what the season gives. This is the Hirschkönig - our gourmet restaurant in Parsberg. Awarded by Falstaff.
Prices, depending on the menu * and on request

* Gladly also with wine accompaniment
Such lovingly created dishes need a companion - dressed in red or white - because behind every good meal is a good wine. We invite you to a voyage of discovery through the wine regions of Europe.

Services and rates for conferences and celebrations