Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur
Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur
Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur
Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur


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Hirschenmanufaktur: sustainable food & Upper Palatinate enjoyment

The Hirschenmanufaktur of our eco-friendly hotel in Germany is a little like a village shop. You’ll find homemade sausages, home-baked bread, handmade jams and chutneys, and so much more here. It’s all produced in our kitchen or in the hotel’s own meat butchery, (almost) all ingredients come from our region, and it all tastes divine! There’s a lot of sustainable accommodation, but we say: There’s only one hotel in Upper Palatinate with its own meat butchery!

In our eco-friendly hotel in Germany, we do it all ourselves!

Our butchers produce all our sausage and ham specialities with the utmost care and love and attend to each piece of meat. The ingredients? Fresh pork, beef, and venison from the region. Then come seasonings depending on the recipe and taste: salt, spices, water, and smoke. That’s it. No artificial additives, no flavour enhancers. Because as an eco-friendly hotel in Germany, we care what goes into our products. That’s why we prefer to do it all ourselves in our Hirschenmanufaktur – from the quality control of the meat to preparation, portioning, and ageing. The result is delicious – that’s a promise!

Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur

Homemade natural sourdough bread

As an eco-friendly hotel in Germany, it’s not just about our sausages. We also put our passion for craftsmanship into our bread. Once a week, we’re already in the kitchen at 3 a.m. to bake our natural sourdough bread. The ingredients? A lot of time and the best flour from Poschenrieder mill in the neighbourhood. The bread tastes a little different every time, and the guests of our environmentally friendly hotel always love it – it really is made by hand and heart! If you’d like to buy our fresh bread, you’ll find our prices on Facebook or Instagram. By the way, it also goes perfectly with our homemade sausages!

Eco-friendly hotel in Germany with Hirschenmanufaktur

Sustainable hotel: homemade jams

Our jams and chutneys are made of the best fruits and preserved with little sugar. That means you can enjoy the fruity variety of summer in winter, too. May we present? The original Hirschen jams and chutneys:

  • Raspberry jam
  • Blueberry jam
  • Sour cherry jam
  • Apricot jam
  • Quince and orange marmalade
  • Red wine cranberry chutney
  • Pumpkin chutney
  • Courgette chutney
  • Plum chutney
  • Apricot chutney

Eco-friendly hotel in Germany: Hello, Upper Palatinate way of life!

Here at our Romantik Hotel in Upper Palatinate, we’ve been producing our sausages, meat, and ham ourselves for as long as we can remember. Earlier, we were farmers with our own livestock, beer brewers in the Parsberg communal brewery, and butchers. Today, we’re still butchers and beer brewers, and since 2021 we’ve also been bakers in our natural sourdough bakery. Keeping craftsmanship alive and showing our guests and staff how real, homemade food tastes – that’s what sustainability means to us.