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Hosts & values

We are small and family-run. Our home is a beautiful spot in Upper Palatinate and our secret is our love for what we do. We surround ourselves with beautiful things, always preferring to eat the best quality, and like things to be a bit more relaxed. People are always the focus. Four of us run the shop. Each one of us wants to have fun and have a happy guest. That makes us an unbeatable team.


Andrea pulls the strings in the background, as all mothers do. She always has an open ear to all staff and guests and when she's not busy making the hotel homely and beautiful, you can meet her outside exploring the Labertal with her guests or in the wellness area where she provides everyone with expert tips.


He does it all – listening, solving problems, organising and overseeing projects, cracking jokes, and staying young. He is the heart of our butchery and Weißwurstakademie. You'll meet him everywhere, but most of all, between staff and guests.


Just as euphoric as he is when he gets on his bike in his free time (Come on, just ride!), his real enthusiasm is for Hirschen, its guests, and staff. New technology that makes everyday life easier is immediately tested, tried out, and introduced at the hotel through him. He clearly puts his own creative, forward-looking stamp on Hirschen.


She’s just as colourful and modern as her dishes, cooked with love and served in our Hirschen restaurants. Nature is her thing and especially close to her heart. It is important to her that ingredients are fresh and preferably come from the region (or even better, from our garden). She both manages Hirschen kitchen and her family.