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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Hosts & values

We are small and family-run. Our home is a beautiful spot in Upper Palatinate and our secret is our love for what we do. We surround ourselves with beautiful things, always preferring to eat the best quality, and like things to be a bit more relaxed. People are always the focus. Together with our great team we run the shop. Each one of us wants to have fun and have a happy guest.


Trends are discovered and analyzed. In doing so, we lay the foundation for a modern, forward-looking company. Cosmopolitan and in tune with the times, we let ourselves be inspired. Our guests bring an international flair. Bright, light-filled guest & workspaces provide clarity in our hectic times. We carefully weigh our options – sometimes less is more. Simplicity and clear communication for long-term success.


No future without roots. We are proud of what we've achieved. Quality not only as a basis but as a driving force. We take pleasure in great products and craftsmanship. Multiple generations under one roof. Guests and team members create an enthusiastic environment. This motivates us. We nurture our brand and carry it out into the world. Our team is our most important asset – we support them and are an attractive employer.


The beauty of the garden provides a place for relaxation. The fields are the foundation for our dishes. We carefully choose our suppliers and maintain close contact. Naturalness in the kitchen, in the furnishings, and in our demeanor. Nature as a model. We need resources – water and energy – sustainable use is necessary.


The area offers a wide range of possibilities. Expertise as luxury and individuality. Curiosity to discover something as a driving force. The basis for our work. The basis for expanding the offer for value-creating offers. And sustainably so.


This is where we call home. We are an important part of society and contribute significantly to its development. The Oberpfalz offers an attractive environment for relaxation, activity, and culture.


We connect with the world. Through regular exchange, we remain innovative and continue to learn. We use digitalization for further development and for our sales. New techniques help simplify our processes and procedures.