The Schwarze Laber valley
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Alpine atmosphere in the Schwarze Laber valley

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Find a little Alpine flair in Upper Palatinate. Where? In the Schwarze Laber valley. Discover more now!

Yes, you heard that right. In Upper Palatinate you can enjoy some Alpine air, and you don’t even have to drive far if you stay at our Romantik Hotel Hirschen. Between Eilsbrunn and Eichhofen, in the Schwarze Laber valley near Regensburg, you’ll find a path that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the Pre-Alps. The narrow trail leads along idyllic mountainsides, past enormous rock massifs. Always in sight: the most placidly flowing river, the Schwarze Laber. All around the valley there’s so much to be discovered and explored. If you look closely, you’ll find small and big surprises every few metres. One highlight deserves special attention: the Loch Castle ruins, one of the most impressive castle ruins in the whole of Bavaria. The path almost constantly leads between impressive rockfaces and even through a short rocky gorge up to a plateau, where a bench invites you to take a deep breath and relax. From up there you can enjoy a wonderful view. The Schwarze Laber valley is without a doubt one of the attractions of Upper Palatinate that you really mustn’t miss. A day spa at our hotel rounds this experience off nicely. What are you waiting for? Let’s get it started!