Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet
Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet
Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet
Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet
Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet
Restaurant in Parsberg: Enjoy gourmet


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Restaurant in Parsberg: Gourmet indulgence

Creative, natural, regional, and authentic … that’s how we cook our gourmet food. There are no frills so you can easily recognise what’s on your plate and no foamy fantasies! There isn’t a clutter of cutlery, an accumulation of glasses, or tablecloths. We concentrate on what many hands create with love and enthusiasm. The handmade tables, mouth-blown glasses, wines crafted with much dedication, and, of course, the food we cook are all attentively chosen. Our cuisine is prepared from the best possible ingredients and with what is in season. That’s Hirschkönig: our gourmet restaurant in Parsberg. Awarded by Falstaff.

Opening hours:

Friday and Saturday, 06.00 p.m. 12.00 a.m.
- Last possibility to order 07.00 p.m. -

Restaurant in Upper Palatinate: how Upper Palatinate ease works!

Modern, warm, and inviting! The walls, tables, and chairs at our restaurant in Parsberg are made of raw oak. A minimalist interior. Just the plate and you. No lavish arrangement of glasses blocking the view of Carola Hausen’s compositions. She is the creative mind behind the dishes and the hostess at our hotel in Parsberg.

Restaurant in Parsberg: real indulgence

In our restaurant in Parsberg, every dish is the work of eager hands and genuine craftsmanship. We use the finest meat which we age ourselves, make homemade sausages, get milk and eggs from the farm, serve game from Upper Palatinate hunts, and prepare vegetables from farmers in Knoblauchsland. We believe that only fresh ingredients, paired with a pinch of tradition and a dash of creativity, produce an incomparable result: the finest moments of enjoyment in our restaurant in Parsberg. Of course, one thing mustn’t be missing from a multi-course meal in our gourmet restaurant in Upper Palatinate: the right pairing. Fine wines from all wine-growing regions of Europe round off a delightful experience. And if the evening ever happens to go on longer, there is always a place free for a night in our Romantik Hotel in Upper Palatinate.

Have you acquired a taste for our restaurant in Parsberg and would like to reserve a table?

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