The art of steam
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The soothing art of steam bath

Upper Palatinate’s very own Turkish bath



Bath in steam like the Turkish did many moons ago or try one of our specialised hammam treatments for a deeply renewing treatment for your body.

Have you ever heard about Turkish steam baths? Hammam or “Turkish bath” was first recorded as early as 1644. Public bathhouses were important fixtures for people all over the world in the past such as the Japanese and Finnish. Hammam itself was popular in Middle eastern countries and associated with both civic and spiritual wellbeing. They were a place to meet and converse with neighbours. The Japanese and Finnish knew that steam could be healing for the body and mind. We have brought this idea and method into the 21st century by combining hammam with massage and herbal treatments. A stressed and tired body will feel renewed and restored to its former glory. You can try our unique hammam with horizontal shower (the only one of its kind in all of Regensburg and its surroundings) to relieve stress. At our spa, we have five specialised treatments dedicated to hammam. Using everything that nature can give us, we treat your body as it should be treated, with a lot of TLC. Why not experience hammam when you stay at our accommodation in Germany? It’s certainly worth a try!