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20 kilometres of natural beauty


A picturesque circular hike takes you from your holiday retreat through the picturesque Labertal valley and back again. Feel nature!

One last look at the striking Parsberg Castle and Church of Saint Andrew and your hike on Malerweg through the scenic Labertal valley really begins. On the 20-kilometre-long circular trail, you will hike in two loops (which resemble a rather large figure eight) while exploring the fascinating nature around our hotel in Bavaria.  The breathtaking beauty of the landscape has fascinated many artists for many a year. At lovely way stations, you can see reproductions of their work and take in the magical panorama at the same time. On a section of the Malerweg (or Painters' Trail in English) called Labertal Trail, romantic mills such as Bienmühle, Bogenmühle, or Hammermühle line your path, while on G'schichtenweg, you can truly immerse yourself in the mysterious legendary world of German sagas. After walking for about five hours, you will be back in Parsberg and can look forward to a well-deserved end to your day in Upper Palatinate.