Christmastime in Upper Palatinate
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Winter magic

We love Weihnachtszeit!


Do you smell mulled wine, roasted almonds, and candles? Do your eyes catch the sparkle and shine everywhere? Christmastime, we love you!

The scent of mulled wine, roasted almonds, and candles is in the air. Romantik Hotel Hirschen, our hotel in Bavaria, is decorated for Christmas. Stars and fairy lights twinkle in the streets. Ah, the Christmas season in Upper Palatinate is almost too good to be true – but only almost. Long walks in the snow-covered winter forest are just as much a part of the Christmas ritual here as relaxing in the sauna or wrapping up in a cosy blanket on our floating loungers. And of course, Christmas in Parsberg is also a celebration of the senses: The whole family comes together under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and at a sumptuous festive feast. The food is traditionally hearty. Did you know that many Bavarian households have sausages for dinner on Christmas Eve? Yes, you heard right. It used to be a tradition to slaughter a pig before Christmas. And sausages were the first thing to be processed, so they were served up with  potato salad and cabbage or roasted potatoes on Christmas Eve. But that’s just a little fun fact on the side. What’s more important is that you know: As beautiful as the Christmas season is, if it does get too stressful for you, treat yourself to a short holiday or day spa in Upper Palatinate. Even a few hours of wellness work wonders, we promise!