The most beautiful bathing lakes in Oberpfalz
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When I see the lake, I don’t need the sea anymore!

Three lakes around Romantik Hotel Hirschen


Want to cool down? The Oberpfalz is a paradise for all those who want to take a refreshing dip on hot summer days.

Who needs the sea when you have the country's most beautiful lakes (almost) on your doorstep? During your stay at Romantik Hotel Hirschen, we recommend that you visit the stunning lakes at least once. Here are our top three tips for your holiday in the Oberpfalz or your event at the best wedding location in Germany.

  1. Lake Roither
    An idyllic highlight is Lake Roither. Surrounded by lush sunbathing lawns, the area offers everything that you’ll need for a relaxing summer day at the lake: shady trees, lots of space along the shore, and a kiosk for hungry swimmers.
  2. Lake Guggenberger
    Lake Guggenberger near Neutraubling delights guests with shady lawns and sandy shores where you almost feel like you're at the seaside in summer. Water sports enthusiasts can also pursue their hobby here, and in a dedicated area, you can spend a cosy evening by the fireplace or barbecueing.
  3. Natural bathing lake Altenveldorf
    Just around the corner from the hotel is the natural bathing lake Altenveldorf. It is a real highlight for children. In addition to a spacious sunbathing lawn and a 10,000m2 natural water area there’s sooo much space for ball games. For children, there is a special area at the lake that is only knee-deep. Great for filling up buckets or playing water polo.