Walhalla in the Upper Palatinate
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A 19th-century national monument


The Walhalla memorial, one of the most impressive landmarks in the Upper Palatinate, is located near Regensburg. It was constructed in the 19th century by order of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. This site serves as a memorial to significant figures in German history. Influenced by the historian Johannes von Müller, the name “Walhalla” was chosen in reference to the warrior’s paradise of Germanic mythology, known as “Valhalla” in English. Its foundation stone was laid in 1830 and Walhalla was inaugurated in 1842.

Walhalla stands as a grand neoclassical hall perched on a hill above the Danube River. It houses over 130 busts and memorial plaques commemorating individuals who have made an important contribution to German culture, including writers, scientists, politicians, artists, and military leaders.

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