A day at the Schmidmühlen Golf and Country Club
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Master the game

At the Schmidmühlen Golf and Country Club


Stunning natural scenery and fun challenges – visit the Schmidmühlen Golf and Country Club during your stay with us!

The Schmidmühlen Golf and Country Club is one of the seven golf courses that you can visit during your holiday at our beautiful golf hotel in Germany. Just 20 minutes from the Romantik Hotel Hirschen, an 18-hole golf course designed by renowned golf course architect Barbara Eisserer awaits you. The course offers a varied landscape with rolling hills, water hazards, and strategically placed bunkers. It is suitable for both golf pros and novices.

Experienced golf instructors offer private and group lessons. Golf workshops and courses are held regularly to help you hone your game.

After a day of immersive play, indulge in a refreshing break with a leisurely snack and rejuvenating drinks at the contemporary clubhouse and restaurant. Revel in the enchanting scenery before retreating to the Romantik Hotel Hirschen. Here, a realm of relaxation awaits. You can unwind in the serene ambience of the GartenSPA, reflecting on a day well spent.