The colourful surroundings: Nuremberg
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The colourful surroundings

Welcome to Nuremberg.


Holidays in Germany? Always worth it! Why not take a trip to Nuremberg? We’re going to tell you what makes this city so beautiful.

Romantik Hotel Hirschen is a place where everybody loves to stay. And the surroundings are incredible! Nuremberg, for example, is sure to make you fall in love. It is damn smart, vibrant, and enchanting… at least in our opinion. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it there! From dreamy alleyways to busy shopping streets. From the unique Reformation Memory Church to the cool Cultfactory. Happiness is guaranteed. What makes Nuremberg so special and unforgettable is also the food. During Christmas time, gingerbread is everywhere to be found. Finger-sized bratwurst sausages are eaten all year long. Even Albrecht Dürer, the famous Nuremberg painter, graphic artist, and art theorist loved it! The ideal drink to accompany a delicious bratwurst is a cold beer from one of the Franconian breweries. One thing is certain: Nuremberg is definitely not boring! At the end of your day, we await you at Romantik Hotel Hirschen, our hotel and spa in Bavaria.