Beer garden love
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The first taste of Blobb beer this year

A celebration of life in our beer garden


The first time of the year in the beer garden means that spring has finally arrived. The long cold spell is over. Time to celebrate life!

Openings, summer feelings, and sunny hours instead of Covid-19, winter blues, and rainy days – that means: it's time for refreshing drinks at our beer garden and accommodation in Germany! The longest imaginable dry spell seems to be over and evenings in the beer garden are in sight! Having a drink with friends is not so far in the future. The first cool sip in the beer garden is proof: happiness is our business. Pebbles in your shoes, a shady spot under a chestnut tree, and your best friends in tow – this is pure beer garden love. What's so popular about a delicious beer drunk on a mild evening outside? Picture this: You sit down because there are still tables. There is no guest list and no VIP line. Everyone is equal. You toast to each other, get to talking while recommending the best Wurstsalat, tapas, hamburgers, and the like to each other on the menu. You’re sitting side by side together. You only realise how much you’ve missed this feeling when the foam gets in the beard or the first sip trickles down your throat, when streetlights turn on and the evenings get longer. We say: Here's to lots of good brews – even on a weekday and best of all in the first and only pop-up beer garden here in Parsberg. Cheers!