Ice skating at Parsberg Castle
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Embrace the winter charm

Ice skating with a medieval twist


Enjoy ice skating in any weather at Parsberg Castle – lace up your skates and go!

Pirouetting, racing, gliding romantically hand in hand – we all have fond memories of the ice rink. For some, ice skating is a fun full-body workout. Others can completely relax their minds as they glide across the ice. Skating in winter is a joy for young and old and fuels the anticipation of the Christmas season. Fortunately, one of the must-visit spots in Upper Palatinate offers this winter joy. Even better, it’s conveniently located near one of the top day spa hotels: the Romantik Hotel Hirschen!

Since 2017, it has been possible to ice skate in the beautiful surroundings of Parsberg Castle. The facility is completely weather independent and can be used in all temperatures during the winter months. This is because its “ice surface” is made of special plastic sheets, akin to those used in professional sports. If you’re hesitant, just give it a try! The rink welcomes visitors from early December to late March and offers a unique skating experience against the castle’s historical backdrop.