Trip destination: Amberg
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Trip destination: Amberg

Beer, Schauschwänzlebahn train, and much more


Amberg – with its historical old town – is a small, enchanting destination. Definitely worth a visit! Come with us!

Amberg is the Bavarian city of wonders and is only 40 minutes away from our hotel. Here you can find everything, from the famous “Schäufele bratwurst” to Germany’s oldest cinema still in operation today, Goldene Rose. But there’s a lot more: The city is also home to the well-known Sauschwänzlebahn train, a narrow-gauge railway that leads through the picturesque surrounding landscape. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the famous Celtic Wall (Keltenwall in German) that stretches along the route. Even Amberg itself has a lot to offer. During a stroll through the beautiful, historic old town and its narrow lanes, you’ll discover beautiful half-timbered houses, medieval town walls, and electoral manors. There’s something else that makes Amberg so special: beer. 6 breweries, 500 years of beer tradition, and around 50 beer types helped Amberg win the title of beer town. Nowhere in Bavaria is the brewery density per inhabitant greater and no other town has five breweries in its very centre. We think: It’s a great destination for your next trip in Upper Palatinate. And by the way: This region is also one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Europe. Cheers to that!