Three reasons to visit
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Spring break away

Top three reasons to visit this spring


Springtime is the time to rejuvenate with a holiday – we’ll show you why!

We’re eager to share three reasons why our destination is the perfect springtime retreat.

Reason one: hiking, e-biking, and golfing
Are you ready to lace up your hiking boots? Or hop on your e-bike? You’re guaranteed to find your perfect outdoor adventure here. Choose from over 115 bike tours and 24 hiking trails that wind through cool forests, across the Jurahöhen, or along peaceful streams in the Upper Palatinate – a true inspiration for nature lovers. And golf enthusiasts? You’re in just the right place. Our region boasts seven diverse golf courses catering to all skill levels. Enhance your experience with our green fee discount and special voucher.

Reason two: culinary delights
After a day of adventure, what’s next? It’s time to refuel your depleted energy reserves, of course, and in the finest style. True to tradition, we treat you to exceptional beverages and local delicacies. Where can you enjoy these delights? The choice is entirely yours: dine in the elegance of the Hirschkönig gourmet restaurant, unwind in our cosy Wirtsstube restaurant, explore the unique Hirschenblobb bar, or relax in our outdoor beer garden. Many of our specialities originate from our very own Hirschenmanufaktur, including our renowned homemade meats and sausages. Simply splendid.

Reason three: the cultural gems of the Upper Palatinate
As the saying goes, “Man does not live by bread alone.” (Though our crusty, homemade sourdough is delish.) Beyond the culinary delights, the Parsberg area is a treasure trove for culture enthusiasts. The majestic local castle draws visitors with its vibrant events. The Walhalla memorial, modelled after an ancient temple, is a sight that commands attention. Moreover, the enchanting atmosphere of the nearby city of Regensburg will captivate you. And that’s just the beginning. Come and discover for yourself why there are far more than three reasons to spend your spring holiday in Bavaria.