Hirschenblobb: Our bar
Hirschenblobb: Our bar
Hirschenblobb: Our bar
Hirschenblobb: Our bar


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At Blobb, we love our beer!

Whether on our bar stools, velvet sofas, or at traditional wooden tables, it’s wonderful to end your day here. The drinks menu is filled with carefully selected and thoroughly tested beverages as well as our own Blobb beer (brewed especially for us according to an old family recipe). If you’re feeling peckish, there are also delicious house-made treats.

At the moment our HirschenBlobb is still closed.

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Beer, gin, and chin-chin

Beer lovers will find a huge selection of beers from regional breweries (from Amberg to Straubing) and, of course, our very own Blobb beer. We've also kept our eyes and ears open for gin specialities, regional treasures, and new concoctions as well. In addition to this, homemade lemonades, delicious tapas, shaken and stirred cocktails, music, and many smiling faces await – cheers to life!